Playjoor Weekly multiplayer Challenge

It's simple : earn the money money during the week by winning against other players and win a ₦1,000 bonus. Every saturday, a new champion will be rewarded. What are you waiting for? Start playing, and start earning!!

How to Play


Create a playjoor account. Signup is free.


Fund your wallet using this link : Fund Wallet(The minimum deposit required for this challenge is ₦100)


Play and win in multi player mode. You can click here to play now. You can check on your progress on the multiplayer leaderboard here -


If you are the highest winner by Saturday, you will be funded with the cash prize of ₦1,000

Terms & Conditions

You can only withdraw money you have earned.

You must have a minimum deposit of ₦ in order to qualify for this promo

Playjoor reserves the right to review this policy at any time.

Ready to Get started?

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