Is Chess Really for The Smart? Or is it for the Cold-Hearted?

Life and Chess

For a game analogous to life,  emotions are banned.

For a game touted as the "philosopher's game", bloodshed rules

Forcefully breaking into an opponent's mind palace becomes the primary goal

Theory, trickery, intuition, logic and experience come out to play

A battle of ideas ensues

A myriad of possibilities abound

Stunning sacrifices make their appearance

Chess dominates on the sixty-four squares

An opponent's evil intent can be sensed even  when disguised as a simple pawn push

Amidst the storm on the board, the poker-faced player must defeat his nerves first

Humans have finite lives, but infinite opportunities

There is a finite number of moves till Checkmate, but infinite possibilities

Nothing mirrors life better than Chess.

Live, play, learn Chess


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