What is your favorite video game console of all time and why

Mine was the Family com console which had about 300 games in one CD. it featured games like contra, aiye ye kung fu, 1943, poopeye, doney kong, pacman e.t.c That Vcdplayer/gaming console was the forth game i ever had after brick game, Nintendo gameboy (the greenish looking one) and gameboy advance. It got me so hooked up that most times, after there's power failure, id disconnect the small gaming pad and continue playing the game (in an imaginary sense). I slept with the game-pad, had breakfast with it, always waited in front of the television for NEPA (as at then) to restore power so, i could continue playing my game. It was eventually seized and destroyed by my dad when he saw that the game was taking over my life LOL. So whats your all time best gaming console or, the one which you have lots of fond memories with.


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