How it Works.

Choose a game you’d like to play with another person. Depending on the Game, you can play with up to 4 different players.

Decide on the amount of game coins to stake on the game, everyone stakes the same amount.

Commence game play and whoever wins, takes a major percentage of the total staked funds.

How it Works.

Anyone can register on Playjoor but you have to be above 18 years old to play with money. Every player should have access to a smartphone or computer with good internet connectivity. To play games on Playjoor you are required to have coins which are obtainable with money (₦50 to ₦300,000)


If you ever run into any issue on Playjoor, please take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions below. Should you have any queries that are not covered below; you can contact our friendly Support Services Team at

Playjoor coins are the currency of the Playjoor community, you need them to perform and participate in some activities on

To get more coins on Playjoor you are required to fund your account with money (₦50 to ₦300,000) which are converted to coins at the forever constant rate of 1 coin = 1 Naira accordingly.

Currently, you can play Whot. Other games like Ayo, Chess, Scrabble, Draughts(Checkers) and other skilled games will be added as the platform expands, mostly based on community feedback.

A leaderboard shows the ranking of members participating in a particular game, championship or tournament.

Our Game App is Coming Soon

Playjoor is also available on your favourite app store. Download and Install the app to enjoy and on the go access to all that your Playjoor community has to offer.

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