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Compete with players online. And make a killing while at it.

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How it Works


Create a Playjoor account at no cost at all, and fund your wallet with any amount of money.


Select a 2 player game of WHOT! and play against an opponent using as little as N50 (to earn N90) or as much as N10,000 (to win N18,000).


Keep, playing, and keep winning money. It's that simple!


Join fellow playjoorians on Whatsapp using the link at the bottom of this page to keep in touch, and Playjoor!

Who we are

Playjoor is a real-time multi-player gaming platform focused on creating an engaging & vibrant community of game lovers while helping them earn money at the same time.

What you Get

Immersive Gaming Experience

Play real-time games, with players from around the world. WHOT, Chess, Draughts, and more..

Immersive Gaming Experience

Active Community

Ours is a community of passionate gamers. Willing and able to take on any challenge, at any time. Join us.

Active Community

Instant Cashout.

Who says game rewards cant be real? With Playjoor, your earnings can be withdrawn within 24 hours, no matter how little they are.

Instant Cashout.

Our Coming Game Apps

Playjoor will soon be available on your favourite app store. Very soon you'll be able to Play Joor from the comfort of your device and all that your Playjoor community has to offer.

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